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This ain't where it's at

I loved Livejournal once upon a time. But I'm so over it now.

Twitter is totally where it's at. Follow me.



Time flies by so quickly between Livejournal updates. It's pretty sweet. Life is pretty sweet. The temperature probably needs to go up like 20 degrees, but I guess I shouldn't complain because it has been pretty nice lately. The past two weeks have been good times. I'm a little creeper who keeps a planner, so I know exactly what I did: A bunch of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Coley's birthday. Amanda and I bought her sweet presents, we're the coolest. Went to a party at Aron's house the next night. Met a lot of people, made out with somebody who I'm apparently way too good for hahah, thought Amanda ran away, and had to drive Giorgio home. He's a hard little stinker of a car to drive hahaha. I hung out with Nate Jones a little bit the next day. The next two days were devoted mostly to exams. And by devoted, I mean that I took them and then went and did other fun things with my life. Friday, we drove down to the Macomb Mall and picked up Courtknee from work. We went to see Halfway to Winter at the Factory, which happens to be a weird little venue. Cool times at that show, like foot and hand massages. And boys with foot fetishes, and of course seeing my little love Anthony hahah. Went to Denny's afterwards and met "Uncle Doug", aka the coolest drunk old 39 year old ever. I got called Britney Spears by like 3 people at that place. And basically it was the greatest night ever. Saturday we went to a party out at Kara's again. Always a good time. On Sunday we went to the lamest show I had ever been to. It was a BOTB at the Hayloft, but only 2 bands showed up. And besides people who came with the bands/were in bands, there were about five people there. Hahaha.  For being that lame, I had an incredibly good time hanging out with the Annasmile boys. And making friends with Brian, the bro who takes our money at the dooooor. Monday we went with Coley and Carl to Lakeside, but there was some sort of fire that prevented most of the stores from being open, how lame. We went to Red Robin afterwards and got some yumalicious burgers. Mmmm, I love burgers a whole bunch. Went and picked up Davi and went to Denny's with a bunch of people on Tuesday. Davi is basically our third now, it's pretty cool times. Wednesday was nast-o and rainy. So nothing much of anything happened, BUT I WENT BLONDE AGAIN. Woooo. Tursday I worked until seven. Then Davi, Chase and Victor joined us for ghosting times. It took way too long to find that stupid cemetary. And nothing sweet even happened, which was pretty lame. Going to have to try again soon, for definitely. Friday was payday, and  Amanda and I went down to Lakeside to spend some time there before the show at the Beat. We gave cupcakes to Big Mike, and now we are officially cupcake girls. And we're the only ones allowed back by the bands. I love owning places, like a whole bunch. And being the biggest fans ever. After the show we went with the band to Koney Island. Josh Carmichael and Critter and people were there too, and it was lol-ful to me. I love seeing people from Port Huron in places that.....are not Port Huron, I guess. Haha, I'm a fool. We went to Ryan's house afterwards, but we didn't stay long. And then on Saturday, I finally got my stupid dalmatian backpack from Goodwill. It was pretty exciting, I suppose haha. We went to another Annasmile at the Static. It's really sad that it used to be a sweet venue, and the turnout at the show was ridiculously bad. Afterwards we went to a party at Kara and John's house, the last one before all of the boys go on tour. :[[ Parties there just aren't going to be as sweet with all of them gone! I got to see Steve, which was super cute. I love parties at that home. I slept in too much yesterday, and went to the Raven with Amanda and Coley at night. We went and hung out with Chase and Victor for a little bit afterwards. I took Cinny to the beach earlier, and my face and shoulders feel really tight from the sun! :]]

My taxes really need to come in soon. $180 of extra dollars to spend will be fun. I need new extensions, for sure. And to buy a tanning membership, even though I look sorta tan right now. Spray tan doesn't win over real tan though. I'm over wanting to work out. I'd rather just be tan I guess. I can take my little guage guys in and out of my ears really easily now. I can't wait until I can wear the pretty pink sparkly ones! I have a lot of friends to hang out with now, and a lot of friends from away-ful places to text. Kelsey is done with school on Friday, which is lame to me because she'll be around more! Yuck. She's going to Macomb next year and is joining cross country. Apparently they travel a lot, goodbye annoying sister! Woooo! So my life is pretty good. I love boys a lot. Mostly all of them. Because they're cute, or ridiculous, or funny. Or just because they're boys. Love love love boys. <33333

This weekend should be sweet-tastical. I can't wait for the Hayloft show on Friday. It's the boys tour kick-off, and a ton of people are going. Saturday is Bledfest, idk if we're going or not. But there's just tons of greatness everywhere. Josh Lavender is having a party that night. And Sunday is the All's Quiet tour kick-off. So whatever ends up happening, it will be a very show-ful and great weekend. :]] This is going to be a great summer.

And as much as I love LJ, Twitter is bad-ass. :]]
There aren't too many things I have been wanting lately, more than for this moment in my life to finally come. I think I'm back to being myself, and I think that it's for good. The weather is fantastic, and people are being cool again.

It was a good weekend again. Two good weekends in a row, that's the way that I like it.
The show at SC4 was ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Basically....nobody showed up, but being there was better than what I could have been doing. I got to chill with cool-ish people while I was there. And watching old dudes fight is pretty cool too. And other stuff, yeah yeah. I love Ben and Greg, they're awesome hahah.

On Saturday we went Goodwill shopping, and got a camera and a cool wall hanging. I love Goodwill, a lot. Kelsey's nasty old prom was that day and my whole family was freaking out about it, how lame. It got all stormy and nasty before we left for the show. Lights were flickering and junk, but whatever. The show was at the Beat Cafe, which is a place I had never been before. We really went to see Brian. It was full of lots of little shitty scene kids that were probably like fifteen. It was hailing and nasty yuck. For most of the bands, it was their first show. I have to say I was REALLY impressed with all of them. Especially AnnaSmile. Awww Brian's band. I definitely expected them to be dopey. We  made some new friends like little loves Anthony and Ryannn. Awwww. And Big Mike loves us. We own the Beat Cafe now, so true. We went to a party at Kara and John's afterwards. The rain was still yucko, and I almost fell into a muddy ditch when I got there. Nastoid. I got to see all the boys and chill with them, minus Steve. Poor little guy. I made new friends, again. It was fantastic. And I danced. And Courtknee was proud of me for the whole night, and everything that I did. God I love parties. Hahaha. :]]]

I had to work Sunday morning, which sucked reallyyyyy badly. Then I had to go to Natalie's baby shower. I hate babies, and people talking about them. It was dumb, but there was good food. I love food. I suck at dieting btw. My diet journal is dead. I'm not mad about it, either haha. Being fat sucks, but I'll get over it.

We went to the beach earlier, and then laid out on the warm train for a while. I think I got a little bit red, which means i'll be a little bit more tan! Yes yes yessss. I love life! Love love love love love it! :]] And it's the last week of school, holla.

I have new friends to text, new friends to hang out with, and all kinds of greatness. I love lifeeeee again.
So Amanda, Cinnabun and I went to Monroe this weekend. We got some good shopping done. I love my fedora. And all my new bathing suits. Made John take some cool pictures of us on the bridge. Saturday was the bonfire in Ferndale. Cinnabun was a freak and like, sawed a chunk of flesh out of my skin with her nasty retractable leash haha. People liked her sort of, and it was weird. Troy Geier came and visited me, and it was lol-ful. He's such a dope and I'd appreciate if he would grow his hair out again. Ummmm, I don't know. It was basically an amazing night. I loved like all the people there, which were basically all new people I'd never met before. Cool times. I love acoustic guitar covers of Britney and Kanye. And I love boys who play them, like my new soulmate-ish boy. Chyeahhhhhhhh. TomTom lying to us and getting us lost on the way home = gay.

Good weekend, other than the screaming fight my mom started with me last night when I got home. Lame of her. I need to talk to my aunt about Amanda and I renting the house for the summer. Yeah yeahhhh. I have an ucko stuffy nose too. Lameeeee.

I want to go swimming, right now. Stupid Hampton Inn for putting in cameras. Not that doing that will stop us from having fun, I'm sure.
Diets are super hard. I loved binging last night, which is terrible. I love food too much, wayyyy too much.

And also, I'm accepting applications for people who want to be friends. I realize how much I actually like hanging out with groups of people, and basically having friends at all. Hahahah I suckkkkk.

The stupid SC4 show is this Thursday. Matt's guitar player quit, so his band had to drop. I didn't find a replacement either, and I probably won't. Cool haha.
I'm really cool. I stayed up until like 4 am, woooo. I feel like I'm going to switch my Myspace up a bit. Or something, yeah.
My diet starts today. No fast food, junk food, or mostly anything that has too many unneeded calories. I need to lose poundage, for sure. People think I'm crazy for it, but whatever. I need to work out, and I need to get tan. I'm eating rice cakes right now, mmmm. :]

The last two weeks have been pretty good, minus the fact it decided to snow and get cold again. NASTY.
I went to dinner with my family in Frankenmuth last weekend, and I got a new Chitter Critter. It whistles, how cute.
Went swimming at the Hampton because Robby is cool enough to work there. I love swimming and hot tubs.
Easter was this weekend. We got a bunny picture taken, and it looked foolish. We went and saw Hannah Montana last night after our dinner. It was good times, for sure. I will learn Hoedown Throwndown, I willlllll. Amanda and I have been sleeping out in the trailer a lot, since we got it back. And the nights that we don't, my family does. Which means I love my life a whole lot more when I'm not forced to be in the same facility as them.

I haven't been to class since last Tuesday, being back feels really weird. School is done in less than a month, and it's fantastic. I don't think I'm failing my classes or anything. I did a lot of my Photography stuff and printed last week, I was really proud of myself. This is going to be one awesome summer.


Gotta catch 'em all, POKEMON!

Since I got my DS last Tuesday, I have spent 25 hours playing Pokemon Diamond. I'm pretty pleased with myself.
Everybody is probably jealous.

Political Science is lame. I want to leave asap! Ahhhh!

Payday is this Friday, wooo!

It's really windy out today, how gross. I'm not pumped about going to school  tomorrow, but whatever. I only a little over a month left. Chyeah.

Spring Break went by, and it was okay. Much better than last year's, but that isn't saying much. This past week of school was really weird and went by really fast. It was fantastic though. We went to Birch Run yesterday with my family. Amanda and I bought ten dollars worth of stuff from the Pepperidge Farm Outlet. Greatest place ever, let me tell you.

I bought Cinnabun a Coach collar.
I'm really proud of that. She looks gorgeous.

I need to get working on finding bands for my show. And taking my photography pictures. Dang.
I'm absolutely terrible at schoolwork, ha.
And I need to start saving money for Disneyworld, and for the Jo Bros this summer.
Ahhh, I can't wait.

Life isn't really too exciting right now, but it sure is good. And with summer coming, it is only going to get better. :]

It's Amanda's birthday weekend!

And Spring Breakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! 

My phone isn't receiving/sending any texts. It sort of sucks.
But I kind of have Internet at my house again. Sort of, hahaha.

Yay life. :]
I've just been living life again. Nothing too crazy or wild, yet. It snowed like three inches this weekend, and I hate it. Yucky old snow. It all needs to melt immediately. I got paid Friday. Amanda and I went to lunch at Garfield's and went to Kylee's band concert. Amanda, Joe and I went to Gibraltar and the mall on Saturday. I got tons of fantastic amazing stuff, and I really didn't even spend that much money. The DSI comes out the first week of April and I am super pumped, for shizzle. I have a 200 and something credit card bill due on the 1st of March, I think. I totally don't have the cash to pay for it. So whatever. I conspired a plan on Sunday so my mom didn't make me stay home while her and my sisters went out to shop, and Amanda worked. And because I'm such a lucky girl, Nicole wanted me to work anyways. So my lie came true, hahaha. :] I rock. It basically was a fantastic weekend.

Anyways I'm sitting in Politcal Science right now. It's really lame. Tony isn't here, and I have nobody to talk to. Fail fail fail.
And I want Josh back. He needs to help me with my photography assignments, because I suck at life. And photography, haha. :[
I miss himmmmmmmmmmmm
Yeah that's it.
The weather is sooooo nice today, compared to how it has been lately.  I got to wear a skirt, and that made me really happy. Anna and I have just been sitting around the college center all day, ever since I got out of class at eleven. The radio transmitter is down, so doing the radio is pointless. So I've been chillinnnnnnn. I'm just in a really happy mood. :]]]]]]]]] Woooo.

And I got to see Courtknee and Courtney last night, too! <3 x4850938094